The leading provider of subscription system in the Nordic countries

Infosoft provides core competence and mission critical software for media companies and subscription-based businesses


New customers to Infosoft

We welcome Avisa Hordaland, Vaksdalposten, Bladet Vesteraalen and Varingen as new customers to Infosoft.


Integration with Cxense

Initial phase of the integration between Infosoft and Cxense is now ready. This integration provides the ability to connect Cxense profiles with Infosoft customers.

Digital subscriptions

Digital subscriptions have become increasingly important for any media company. Media consumption habits are constantly changing, and a growing number of customers are opting for digital magazine subscriptions. Consumers can choose between many different types of digital products and subscription offers. All these customized product offers directly impact both marketing and finance, and our systems […]


The INFO-Market system is built around a marketing database where all relevant information on former, existing and potential customers is stored. Information is updated and loaded from any internal systems, from any sales and marketing activities, and also from external sources. The marketing database also provides an overview of all the key market metrics of your […]

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Newspapers and media companies alike have in varying degrees been investing resources and obtained skills in the area of customer relationship managment. Infosoft knows the value of customer relations and has since its inception kept adding professional staff with extensive experience and deep knowledge in the field of CRM. We have also developed our own […]


Infosoft is active in all the Nordic countries. Since its inception in the early 1990s, it has held the market leader position in Norway. In 2006, Infosoft signed up the first client in Sweden, and continued the expansion into Denmark in 2013.

INFO-Product sales

With this module, you will have a solution that takes care of all single product sales (non-subscription products). In combination with our INFO-Subscription and INFO-Marketing solutions, INFO-Product becomes a very important tool for increasing stand-alone product revenue from new and existing customers. The module has a central integrated customer view for all publications and product sales, providing an excellent […]

Payex debit card solution

Use of credit cards is a preferred payment method for most and an industry standard. With our new integrations to PayEx, Dibs, Nets and ePay, the customer on any Infosoft system gets an easy, reliable and secure payment experience. The customer can pay with credit card for any new subscription, renewal or for purchase of any […]